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Back in the Insanity

We returned to the US, Fort Lauderdale, on August 1, 2019, with the gracious help of Avianca. It was a pleasant 3 hour and 15 minute flight from Bogota' to Florida. We were immediately faced with the necessity of setting up a new apartment and getting Tomas registered in school, a somewhat daunting task, navigating a new and somewhat larger school. But enough of the perils of John, more on the last few days in Colombia.

We went to Bogota' earlier than necessary so we could pick up and do things incidental to the trip. I have a friend who owned a coffee service company in Florida and I brought him a jar of the best instant coffee from Colombia. It is a blend of coffee with vanilla and is very rich in flavor with almost none of the US instant flavor. But, alas my friend felt it had an after taste, but his spouse felt it was better than some hotel coffee. My spouse went to the dentist while in Bogota' at a fraction of the cost of a visit in the States.

The dental work was professional and she did not complain about the experience. Also while in Colombia, she saw two or three doctors for lab work and diagnostic tests which also cost a fraction of a like visit in the US. It may interest more open readers to explore medical tourism to Colombia as the facilities generally have a good report.

While we spent our time in familiar haunts, the country is incredibly diverse with the road from Bogota' to Guaduas passing through several ecological zones with many spectacular views which I hope to add to this blog in the future, when I remember to pack my camera. My wife did take some pictures in the patrimonial pueblo of Guaduas which can be posted when retrieved from her phone.

I really like the smaller town as like here the larger city is too busy and has too much traffic. Driving in the city is very close to playing chicken. I generally, try not to look and let the driver drive unimpeded as he/she needs full attention on the traffic game.

I will try to provide screen shots from some of the hotels in Guaduas and a description of amenities in the next post. Until then, bye and buen asuerte.


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A Closer Look at Guaduas

The next day began with more time spent in the hotel consuming some local fruit for breakfast and a cup of excellent Colombian coffee, the nectar of the gods. View (above) nearby the hotel on a street in Guaduas. It must be early as there is little foot or vehicular traffic.  A scene from the patio inside the center parking area at the hotel. It is tastefully decorated with hammocks surrounding the center of the hotel, an open air atrium, pleasant during most of the day and cool in the morning, but a very nice place for coffee and pastries. A further view from inside the atrium of the hotel. While there is another tree of a similar size, this is an ever green cedar or conifer providing a splash of green and a bit of shade for our enjoyment. Well that concludes this short post and perhaps the blog will be more animated with  pictures and video in the future.
Bogota' We went from Guaduas to Bogota ' for a week for my spouse's sister's wedding reception.The reception was at a good restaurant in the city and the food and service were excellent. The meal consisted of appetizers,wine, salad, cheese, and an entre' of salmon and beef with a side dish of french fries. The preparation was excellent and the presentation was equal to the food quality. The restaurant decor was tasteful, in keeping with the event. The reception was attended by extended family and all had a delightful time after which some of us returned to the bride and groom's apartment while they left from there to go to a local hotel. Much of my time in Bogota' was spent in the apartment, a five story walk up, as I am balance challenged and have difficulty with stairs. I was impressed with the city. It is large and appears to have a very modern downtown area modern. While parts of the city appear more rustic, much of it is clean and orderly as part

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After Miguel returned me to Guaduas we had some ice cream at a local ice cream parlor near the plaza and talked in athe somewhat loud shop and watched the people going to and coming from the plaza. Just as we finished  the ice cream and our discussion, some friends came from the hotel and we started the walk back to eat, spend some time relaxing and go to bed. The sun was low on the horizon and the evening was cool. Supper was at a local hamburger restaurant in the plaza. The shop had hamburgers of different types and pizza. Our group expanded from three to about ten. The restaurant had problems accommodating the group, but the staff did in a most gracious manner. Guaduas has celebrations periodically and these sometimes involve small seemingly spontaneous parades and on this occasion one occurred  with the following display: