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Another Trip to Colombia

Its a new year and I am back in Colombia. Currently in Guaduas or Monday, but may go to Bogota tomorrow depending on when my spouse wants to go.

We left Fort Lauderdale, Florida on this trip and had about the same 3 to 4 hour flight to Bogota on Avianca and arrived earlier in the day than the last trip and had over one hour driving in the city looking for our ride to Guaduas. We arrived at our hotel two and one half hours after finding our ride to the hotel. It was a rather invigorating trip, traffic being somewhat heavy. Guaduas and the hotel are much as I remember them, quiet and comfortable.

Much of my time is spent on the computer and I am happy with the working wifi at the hotel. I am able to keep up with my email and general news and events. It is nice not being exposed to the chaos and hyper news cycle from the states unless I want to dip my toe in, a welcome respite.

A project I started in December and January I continued this trip. Thinking about solar retrofit at the hotel. It is a traditional colonial style building with a few rooms. They are surrounding a courtyard with one roof facing west and one more in each of the other three directions. The roof is a typical tile roof and all in all looks very picturesque. In some ways the building looks like it could have come from the Zorro television set.

A solar retrofit would entail putting solar panes on the south and west facing roof and the primary benefit in Colombia would be reduction of electric bills and maybe more consistent power. Electricity is generally good, but there are intermittent power outages that are usually of a short duration, but may last for several hours.

Unlike the states, Colombia generates most of its power from renewable sources, principally water. The residual power comes from diesel generators. Here about 65% of the power is water generated. It is refreshing being in a place that  uses what is naturally available in the environment to that degree. Well, lunch is being served and I am beginning to get hungry, so bye for now.


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A Closer Look at Guaduas

The next day began with more time spent in the hotel consuming some local fruit for breakfast and a cup of excellent Colombian coffee, the nectar of the gods.

View (above) nearby the hotel on a street in Guaduas. It must be early as there is little foot or vehicular traffic.

 A scene from the patio inside the center parking area at the hotel. It is tastefully decorated with hammocks surrounding the center of the hotel, an open air atrium, pleasant during most of the day and cool in the morning, but a very nice place for coffee and pastries.

A further view from inside the atrium of the hotel. While there is another tree of a similar size, this is an ever green cedar or conifer providing a splash of green and a bit of shade for our enjoyment. Well that concludes this short post and perhaps the blog will be more animated with  pictures and video in the future.

Desert in Guaduas and a Trip to the Country

While many nights of our time in Guaduas, we went to a restaurant to eat supper, most nights were topped off with a delightful desert of ice cream and strawberries with bananas. Sometimes the ice cream was simply a delicious vanilla ice cream, but sometimes the cold treat had a pink color and a decidedly different taste. On occasion the ice cream had a green hue and appeared to be pistachio. Whatever the flavor of the frozen milk concoction, it was truly delicious.

Over the course of our time in Guaduas, we met interesting denizens. One, Miguel, wanted to learn English and was willing to swap much needed Spanish lessons for some pointers in English. His desire to learn made him an excellent student and perhaps on a future trip we can continue with his and my edification.

Miguel also provided a bit of a respite from relaxing in the patio of Hotel San Cristobal by offering a trip into the country for him to work briefly at two or three farms near Guaduas. One was a chicken farm which y…

A Little more Time in Guaduas

After Miguel returned me to Guaduas we had some ice cream at a local ice cream parlor near the plaza and talked in athe somewhat loud shop and watched the people going to and coming from the plaza.

Just as we finished  the ice cream and our discussion, some friends came from the hotel and we started the walk back to eat, spend some time relaxing and go to bed. The sun was low on the horizon and the evening was cool.

Supper was at a local hamburger restaurant in the plaza. The shop had hamburgers of different types and pizza. Our group expanded from three to about ten. The restaurant had problems accommodating the group, but the staff did in a most gracious manner.

Guaduas has celebrations periodically and these sometimes involve small seemingly spontaneous parades and on this occasion one occurred  with the following display: