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This the first content post about traveling in Colombia. The airplane ride to Bogota was rather uneventful trip on December 27, 2018. It was a reasonably pleasant use of slightly in excess of three hours in Avianca's good hands.

El Dorado airport is a large building and very busy at all hours of the day and night. Our arrival at about 10 P.M. was no exception, but we navigated through immigration and customs without a hitch. We then started looking for my wife's friends, which took about 20 or 30 minutes. Upon finding them we all commenced the trek to the parking lot to find the car. After finding the car our friend, the driver, began a 20 minute process of finding a way out of the parking lot and joining the traffic of a bustling city of about 14 million inhabitants. So we were out of the airport and were off to our eventual destination, Guaduas, Colombia, a much smaller city of about 30,000 inhabitants.

The trip to Guaduas from Bogota covers about 71 miles or about 122 kilometers north and down from almost 9000 feet to a more balmy 3900 feet. The temperature in Bogota is cool at night in December and the drive to Guaduas while long was somewhat nice due to slightly warmer temperature.

The drive is not for the faint of heart as the road is very busy with cars, motorbikes, and trucks. It is full of twists and turns and small towns much of the way to Guaduas. After an uneventful drive from Bogota we arrived at our destination, the hotel San Cristobal at about two A.M. in time to collapse into bed and fall asleep. Tomorrow we can explore some familiar places in the town and seek a restaurant for sustenance.

I will try to post again by Monday and hopefully weekly thereafter to encourage future travelers to Colombia.


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A Quick Trip Exploring Guaduas

Stepping out of Hotel San Cristobol, puts you right on the sidewalk and very near the street wit cars driving by. The hotel is in an old Spanish colonial house between two and three blocks from the central plaza. Small shops, another hotel and a bakery are on the way to the plaza. The streets are cement and smooth as is the sidewalk. The weather is pleasant, a bit cool in the shade and decidedly warmer in the sun.

The five minute walk to the plaza gives one an opportunity to take in the sights, sound, and smells in Guaduas. Near the bakery the aroma is of cooking pastries tempting one to indulge with excellent Colombian coffee.

We would like a more substantial breakfast of eggs and some breakfast meat. So we walked to a restaurant about six blocks away and joined a table of about six people and had a meal of eggs, soup, rice, and arepas, a flat corn flour bread. Along with the meal we had that excellent coffee and delicious fruit juice, either mango or orange.

After breakfast, we pro…
Blogging is still experimental for me, but we all have to start sometime. So, I will say a bit and see if it posts before I add meaningful content. As I said it is all experimental now seeing what does and doesn't work in this environment.